Legacy of Heroes - 2021
Honouring Local Educators

 The COVID pandemic has created many different challenges as we seek to love our neighbours and protect each other.  There have been some particularly unique challenges for schools as they try to educate students amid the ongoing changes including having to pivot to online education.  It is remarkable how the staff in schools have made transitions as needed to ensure the best possible experience for students. 

Expressing Thanks
Honouring heroes

For 2021, St. Paul's extends our gratitude to the teachers, administrators, support staff, and custodians at Essex Public School and Essex District High School. Both schools received a certificate of recognition, treats for the staff, thank you cards, and a donations thanks to the generosity of local businesses and participation in our Legacy of Heroes Auction.

We are also thankful to the Essex Free Press who highlighted this event and offered praise for the hard work of the staff at the schools. We hope that all educators, this year's heroes, feel the gratitude and love.

Thank you
Local Businesses offering support

Businesses and individuals throughout Essex made this event and the auction possible.  We give thanks (in no particular order) to:

 Reid’s Funeral Home; T. Meloche; Countryside; Border city; Kennedy’s Funeral Home;  Essex Animal Clinic; The Oil Change Place; Essex Sharwarma; Southland travel; Talbot Trail; Shortcuts; Auto Barn; Out of the Closet; Just Plus; Tim Hortons; Libro-gift bag; Chochis; Capri pizza; Michigan diner; Essex appliance; Jeff Smith County Chevy; Little House of Cupcakes; Subway; Dominos pizza; Brenkos; Banwell and Douglas; Crabby Joes; Rosas Kitchen; Naples; Essex Feed Warehouse; Stationery and Stuff; Schinkels; M2 Hair works; Essex Motors; Gyros and more; Bonnie and Wayne Rawson; Theresa Lypps; Dr. Ricci @ Erie shores Eye care; Essex 73s; Janice Scratch 

History of the Legacy of Heroes
Since 2015

Beginning by honouring the heroes of the Essex Explosion, this annual event celebrates those whose care for others isn't always noticed.  Since that first year, our celebrations have recognised:

  • Community Living staff and volunteers;
  • Foster Parents;
  • Workers at Iler Lodge and Community Living Senior Homes;
  • Local Food Banks
  • Heroes of the pandemic