St. Paul's Anglican Church, Essex

St. Paul's is an affirming, inclusive community that seeks to ensure that all people know they are valid, they are valued, and they are loved.  The congregation at St. Paul's has been working diligently over the years to build relationships with the wider community including Essex United (with whom we share a progressive Youth and Family Program), the Food banks in Essex (through our clothing cupboard), Community Living Essex, and Trans Wellness Ontario.  

Check out stories about our ministries from some of our leaders in this newsletter.

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Prayer Requests
Is there someone or something for which you would appreciate prayers?

St. Paul's is happy to include prayers for concerns and thanksgiving as we pray individually and together throughout the week. To request prayers please click the button below and complete the form. Your request can be anonymous or you can ask to be contacted for further support by our pastoral team. Trust that whatever you feel comfortable sharing is enough. God knows what is needed and hears our prayers. Thank you for sharing your concerns and hopes with us.

Prayer Request
Trinity Anglican Church, Cottam

Since 1866, the little white church in the graveyard in Cottam, has provided a peaceful, meaningful space for worship and fellowship. The family of faith which gathers in this church home enjoys sharing their gifts through fidget blankets for those with dementia and/or intellectual disabilities, pies, and social events.


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To celebrate the diverse ways in which we meet God, worship options include:

  • Regular Sunday services: 9:30am at Trinity and 11am at St. Paul's. While we are no longer doing contact tracing and registration we encourage participants to wear masks for the wellbeing of all who gather.
  • Online worship videos are available on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page
  • A Reflection on Emancipation Day (Aug. 1st) can be found here.
  • June 21st is National Indigenous Day of Prayer. To honour this day, we have created a simple worship service with prayers from the Indigenous resources of the Anglican Church of Canada and a reflection that references Robin Wall Kimmerer's "Braiding Sweetgrass" in a n effort to highlight the beauty and wisdom of Indigenous traditions. This service can be found here.
Online Worship