Engaging the Youth!

Some say that the children are our future.  At St. Paul’s and Trinity we believe that they are our present too!  Youth bring a wealth of energy and ideas that are encouraged and supported by the adults of the community.  Children and youth are always welcome in worship and at our events.

Children, youth and worship

During the school year a Sunday School program is offered at St. Paul’s at 11am.  Using a variety of creative ideas, our teachers share the stories of our faith in engaging ways through crafts, games, activities and conversations.

As our young people grow we have been blessed to see a growing energy and excitement in the ways that they participate in the community.  Our young people have taken leadership roles in worship helping to teach the community, they made pancakes for our annual vestry meeting and served the community our brunch and they remain an engaging presence reminding us to act in ways that care for the future.

Our young people are also engaged with the wider church community including participating in SOC (Stewards of Creation) events.

We look forward to the ways our young people continue to be involved and challenge our congregation.

Working to ensure meaningful experiences:

Rev. Chris has been known to provide energetic and unique stories and reflections when young people are present.  We never know what she might do.  She has surprised us with fun hats and costumes that link into her children’s focus.  We have also watched her juggle, make a puzzle with the young people and more.  The goal is always to provide a meaningful way for people to hear the story.  Some adults have even said occasionally they get more from the children’s focus than the sermon        😛

Rev. Chris also actively includes young people based on their interests.  Watching young people light our Advent candles seems, at times, a little harrowing for the adults, but our young participants love the opportunity.  The St. Paul’s young people are particularly fond of our puppets – Wendell and Lorraine.  The puppet shows have grown in the past year to include other puppets so that more of our young people can be part of the performance.

In recent years we have also offered a special Good Friday program for families.  In 2018, this service included listening to ‘voices’ of those present at the crucifixion as they may have reflected back on their experience.  As part of this process, participants made cards for families staying at Ronald McDonald house in Windsor.