Interested in experiencing worship at St. Paul’s or Trinity?  There is no dress code or expectations about what you know.  Come as you.  Doubts and questions are welcome.  Know that we all wonder at times.

Upcoming Worship:

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What to expect:

At present, we are not worshiping in our buildings, rather resources are provided for home use including mailings and online programming.  Please note that there will be significant changes to how we do worship when we return to our buildings.

  • You will be greeted as you enter and handed a bulletin.  This is our ‘program’ which highlights what will happen in the service, including page references and prayers and information about upcoming events along with other announcements.
  • There are two books used in worship: the red Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or the green Book of Alternative Services (BAS).  Recently, we have been using the BAS almost exclusively as this includes more contemporary language that is easily accessible to guests and visitors.  
  • At Trinity, the service is projected on the front wall and at St. Paul’s it is projected on a television screen above the organ making it easy to follow along.
  • Music is generally found in the blue Common Praise books unless otherwise provided in the bulletin and/or projected on the screen/television. 
  • There will be an opportunity to give a monetary offering to support the work of the church at the Offertory (following the passing of the peace).  You are welcome to contribute but please don’t feel that you have to.
  • We typically celebrate Communion offering both bread and wine at our Sunday services.  All Baptised Christians are welcome to receive from the Lord’s table.  If you would prefer a blessing, you can come forward and cross your arms over your chest to signify this.  While we make every effort to ensure that Communion is accessible to all – if for some reason you are unable to come forward but would like Communion or a blessing, please let one of our parishioners know so that they can inform our priest.
  • Following the blessing, the community is invited to sit down so that those who feel compelled to do so can share thanks through our “Thank you Bank.”  Each month donations to the bank are given to designated charities (see the bulletin to find out where this month’s donations go).  Announcements are also offered at this time.
  • At the end of the service – following the recessional hymn and dismissal, it is our tradition to sit or kneel and sing “Go Now in Peace”.  The words for this song are found on the yellow cards in the holders on the back of the pews and projected on the screen/television.
  • Once a month, following service, we share fellowship in the hall with coffee, tea and treats.  All are welcome.

Not sure how to get here: Check out the map on our Contact Us page