Vacation Memories

The end of today marks the beginning of a two week vacation from work for me.  As we move into this time, I asked my family what their favourite vacation memories are.

Exploring beyond home

Canada is a great big, wonderful country filled with incredible people and places.  Our family has enjoyed opportunities to explore all that Canada has to offer, including, one summer, travelling with my parents to the East Coast.  Whale watching, a lighthouse picnic, site seeing, kitchen parties, tours of a chocolate factory and potato chip factory, meals together, games, music and more filled our days and nights.  We captured the experience in a scrap book that became a gift for my parents at Christmas.  These continue to be wonderful memories and were the first that came to mind for hubby.


When asked about a favourite vacation memory, my kid recalled a weekend we had spent in Waterloo.  After being busy for an extended period of time, we decided that we would leave cell phones and computers at home (we kept one phone for emergencies) and simply spend time together.  Following a day of visiting, wandering St. Jacobs and enjoying the area, we went back to the hotel room to have dinner and play games.  In the process we laughed so hard our stomachs ached.  These moments are powerful reminders of the intimacy we share as a family.

I don’t know

When I raised the question with hubby and kid, they were both quick to respond.  I, however, have been thinking about this for several days and can’t point any one particular trip or memory as being a favourite.  Instead, the more I think about it, the more I feel awed at the many ways we have walked this earth together over the years travelling as far away as Kenya, spending time with my sister and her partner in the UK,  journeying across Canada and staying closer to home.

The places and people in this world are incredible.  Incredible still is the way travelling has brought us together uniting us in some of our passions and creating space for us to explore new things together.

So, what about you?

What is your favourite vacation memory?  In what ways have you experience vacations as opportunities to come together as a family?  What do you dream about doing with your family?

We would love to hear from you.  Add your thoughts in the comments.

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