Since 1866, the little white church in the graveyard in Cottam, Ontario, Canada has provided a peaceful, meaningful space for worship and fellowship. The family of faith which gathers in this church home seeks to live out the Marks of Mission in meaningful ways consistent with the many God-given gifts they possess.

Proclaim the Good News: Recently, Trinity has been exploring ways to reach out to migrant workers locally and provided support for a migrant worker dinner. Remembering the gifts of members who have died, the community has also installed a beautiful gazebo and lending library in the side yard. Look for gardens and labyrinth to also be included. These are open to the public and are one way in which the community seeks to point to the wonderful gifts of God in Creation.

Teach, Nurture, Baptise: Educational programming and sacraments are shared between St. Paul’s and Trinity. More information can be found by clicking the indicated links.

Service: Creative individuals have been sewing fidget blankets and knitting fidget muffs which are generously donated to individuals with development delays and forms of dementia. Every blanket and muff is unique. Nursing homes, the John McGivney Centre and more have all benefited from the hard work and creativity of these folks. The community also has provided support for the local food bank and donated toys to the local Goodfellows to be distributed at Christmas. Generous donations to our Thank You Bank at the end of worship have also supported a variety of ministries.

Transforming Society: The community at Trinity provides support for the Primates World Relief and Development Fund and is hoping to participate in the Kairos Blanket Exercise in the future.

Safeguard Creation: There is ongoing exploration to find ways to reduce waste, single use plastics and paper. Memorial trees are being added to the grounds on a three year cycle. The community continues to honour the Season of Creation through worship and programming.