Some parents lament the lack of a manual to help guide our efforts to raise strong, independent adults in a world where information is available at an exponentially increasing pace and our understanding of humanity continues to evolve. A joint ministry with St. Paul’s Anglican Church and Essex United, Thrive! A living manual for families is our way of providing a space for food, fellowship, conversation, education, comradery, and grace in the midst of the challenges and wonders of being family in 2018.

In its initial stages, we are beginning by building an Internet presence.  From the menu on this page, you will find blogs which reflect on family today.  Included in these blogs are Twitter Trends,  “Is it normal”: teens and mental healthReflecting on our first dinner, What has changedJuulingFeminism in 2018 and more.

These blogs can also be found on our Facebook page along with videos like this interview with a local parent or this interview with John Postons on mental health and support.  As well as video glimpses of our Thrive! Dinner including this video showing our drumming circle.

Like and follow for updates, information, links, videos and more.  We are hoping to build an online community for families around the country and perhaps beyond.

This presence provides the foundation  for our Thrive! Dinners – evenings where families can gather, create a meal together in ways that are consistent with the needs and preferences of each family, eat together, provide opportunities for programming for children, youth and parents and end the evening reflecting on and giving thanks for what we have learned.

The first of these dinners was offered at Essex United Church on Apr. 29th beginning at 5pm.  All families are welcome!

For those able to participate locally we have also created a closed Facebook group which can be found, initially through our Facebook page.  “Thrive: The Essex Community” is our way of engaging those who participate in the Thrive! Dinners in Essex through conversations, polls and other social media tools.  It is our hope that, eventually, there might be similar groups elsewhere providing support, encouragement and fellowship for families.

For those interested, here is an activity on Creation with an invitation to participate in sharing your voice with the Diocese and the world.