We have wonderfully talented music leaders at St. Paul’s and Trinity.

Ann Dresser: (at Trinity) is a former teacher who has allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through her music. She has shared a number of the songs she has written with our community over the years. During the lock down, we have been blessed to be able to post a variety of recordings from her own collection and beyond.

Ann Dresser with Melissa Vagi: “I Believe”

Ann Dresser and Sue Beaule: “Lead Me Lord”

Ann Dresser and Sue Beaule: “Jesus”

Ann Dresser and Sue Beaule: “Come Alive”

Ann Dresser: “A Blessing”

Ann Dresser and Sue Beaule: “The Old Rugged Cross”

A musical invitation to prayer:  Make Me Whole by: Ann Dresser

Make Me An Instrument: by Ann Dresser

Child of the Universe: by Ann Dresser with Melissa Vagi

Ann Dresser: Agnus Dei

You who dwell

She comes sailing on the wind

God of the sparrow

Sydney Brouillard-Coyle: (at St. Paul’s) is a music student at the University of Windsor focusing on jazz piano. Being in the same household as the rector has made it possible to provide music for worship and more throughout the lock down.

Sydney and Rev. Chris Brouillard-Coyle: “O Healing River”