Legacy of Heroes – Gratitude Hunt!

Gratitude Hunt for the Heroes of the Pandemic!!!!

Nov. 8th, 1:30-4:00pm

This has been an extraordinary year with lots of challenges and changes.  How many people do you know of who have been instrumental in ensuring that people have access to what they need and can do so safely?  Front line workers, senior home staff, educators, retail workers, health care workers, counsellors, janitorial staff, fast food workers, small businesses, volunteers, mask sewers, people doing random acts of kindness and more, have each, in their own ways, provided meaningful opportunities and experiences during this time.

Want to help say thank you to these Heroes of the Pandemic and win some wonderful prizes courtesy of local businesses?  Register here for our Gratitude Hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gratitude Hunt?

Modelled after a scavenger hunt, teams of up to 4 adults from personal bubbles are challenged to use the resources provided in our ‘gratitude bags’ and anything else they might bring to find creative ways to offer thanks to the types of individuals suggested in the “Heroes of the Pandemic” list.  Each expression of thanks is to be photographed with information about why this individual, business or organisation was selected and sent via messenger to our Facebook page.  These will be used for tracking purposes as prizes will be awarded.  These can also be shared on social media and/or through the Essex Free Press as a way to highlight good news stories through the year.

What safety protocols are in place?

Recognising ongoing restrictions and public health protocols, this event is designed to be as hands off as possible.  Registration is online.  Teams should be made up of people from personal bubbles who are able to travel together in one vehicle.  ‘Gratitude bags’ can be passed to vehicles with hockey sticks.  Participants are encouraged to leave signs of gratitude for individuals and groups to discover – notes in mailboxes, messages in chalk, hearts hanging from trees, etc.  Tracking is virtual through messenger on our Facebook page.  Prizes will be awarded at a later date and announced on social media, our website and in the Essex Free Press.  All of these enable this to take place even in a time of restrictions.

Who can be part of our team?

Out of respect for public health protocols we strongly recommend that teams be comprised on individuals who are already part of your ‘bubble’.   While we are indicating a limit of 4 adults, you are encouraged to include as many children as you have.  Your team should fit in one vehicle so as to minimise the environmental impact of this activity.

Is there a cost?

There is NO registration fee for this event.  Donations to help cover the costs will be gratefully received.

Can we plan ahead?

We would love to see a Gratitude Palooza!  With as many people feeling appreciated as possible.  Do you have ideas about how to make that happen and want to get a jump start?  Go for it.  The only restriction we have is that, for your actions to be counted towards prizes, they must take place and be sent to our Facebook page by 4:30pm on Nov. 8th. 

When and where can we pick up the ‘gratitude bag’?

Gratitude bags will be available from St. Paul’s (92 St. Paul St. Essex) during our Take Out Only Pasta dinner on Nov. 6 from 5-6:30pm.  These can also be picked up following worship on Sunday, Nov. 8 from noon to 1pm.  To be eligible for prizes, photos must be submitted to our Facebook page through messenger by 4:30pm on Nov. 8.

Do we have to use all of the materials in the ‘gratitude bag’?

No.  The materials in the bag are provided to help inspire creative ways to say thanks.  Points will be given for creativity.  How you achieve that is up to you.

Can we say thanks to people we don’t see on the Heroes of the Pandemic list?

Yes.  If we have missed individuals who have made a difference during this time, say thanks and tell us why these individuals deserve a note of thanks.  Our goal is to spread appreciation.

What do we send to track our actions?

Identifying your team using the Team Name you selected at registration, with every thank you, the team is encouraged to send an image of what you have done and some basic information about why this person or company should be thanked.  The photos DO NOT have to include the person being thanked.  It is perfectly acceptable to leave your expressions of thanks to be found later.  As these can be used in future social media posts and/or be shared with the Essex Free Press, we ask that no identifying information (like addresses) be included in the images sent.  Focus on how you are saying thanks and why.

How do we register?

Registration is through this secure link with Canada Helps.  Only one person per team needs to register.  You will be asked for a team name and a list of participants.  Please be sure to use this name when you send your images and information to messenger.

Will we get a tax receipt?

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.  We are grateful for any and all support of our work in the community.