Legacy of Heroes

Oct. 28th, 1:30pm

A common riddle asks – what has four legs in the morning, two at noon and three in the evening?  The answer is people.

In the mornings of our lives, as infants, we often crawl to get around.  Once we learn to walk, our two feet carry us wherever we need to go.  As we age, however, entering into the evening of our lives, we may require support to aid our walking – like a cane, adding another ‘leg’ to keep us stable.

This year at St. Paul’s, we recognise the challenges of aging and the reality that some need extra support.  This can be found through personal support workers and staff at retirement and nursing homes.  These individuals provide an essential resource to help those who need extra support to maintain dignity and meaning through the evening of their lives.

To thank these workers for sharing their gifts in this way, this year’s Legacy of Heroes event celebrates caregivers and volunteers working with seniors.

As has become the tradition, our Legacy of Heroes event will begin with prayers during our 11am worship for seniors and their caregivers.  A formal presentation will be held in Dell Hall beginning at 1:30pm with refreshments and a raffle thanks to donations from local businesses.  Certificates will be given to representatives from local senior’s homes and, as always, there will be cake.

New this year: Thanks to the generosity of a local quilting group and a local artist we are happy to announce a raffle of a beautiful quilt, a picture and a Calabria gift certificate.  Proceeds from this raffle will go to support ongoing work of the Church.

All are welcome as we offer thanks to those who care for matriarchs and patriarchs of our families.