Good Friday Family Service

The story of Good Friday is difficult to hear. There is betrayal, abandonment, denial, violence and death. In the midst of such strong imagery we are reminded that Jesus did this for us, in response to sin – including our sin! Such a powerful message is hard for adults, for young people it can be even more frightening and confusing. Still it is an important story to hear and so each year we provide a special family-friendly service that explores themes of the Good Friday story in a way that is accessible and meaningful for young people. We also make every effort to involve the young people in the service with the help of our Sunday School program so that they have multiple opportunities to hear and explore this sacred day. In past years, this has meant drawing the stations of the cross (which were then displayed during the service), preparing special justice-influenced stations for reflection and preparing a puppet show which explored reasons why Jesus died for me for each of the characters. It is truly wonderful to see families participate in the service and watch our young people develop their understanding of the incredible gift of Christ on the Cross.