Building a Future

Welcome to 2019

Once again Trinity and St. Paul’s have held their annual vestry meetings and begun to explore our hopes and dreams for the coming year.

At Trinity – strong leadership and an openness to new opportunities have been an ever-present reality at Trinity.  The beautiful building continues to be cared for by those who find meaning in its on-going presence in Cottam.  People continue to share their gifts enabling us to make hundreds of fidget blankets for those struggling with dementia and cognitive impairment.  Generosity is also extended to the food banks, clothing cupboard, NICU (our February Family Day outreach), and now migrant workers.

Our holy rollers make pies, we sell loads of mums and feast at pancake suppers and Smorgasborg dinners.  Beautiful music, alternative worship (campfire evensong, labyrinth services, Holy Week services) all contribute to our sense of God’s presence in our little community.

We look forward to a year where we continue to be challenged to share our gifts of time, talent and treasure so that we can be a visible sign of God’s grace in this place at this time.

At St. Paul’s – We did it!  We ended the year with a surplus thanks to the generosity of our members.  We are predicting that we will balance the budget in 2019 as well.  The speaks loudly to the resilience of this community!

In 2018, we started a new venture with family and youth offering opportunities to support children, youth and parents through the challenges and wonders of being family today.  Check out Thrive! to see some of our posts and information about our program.

A change in music directors has also opened the door to new anthems and other musical opportunities for our community.  We are grateful for the gift of music.

In 2019, look for cash mobs that will support local vendors and our Legacy of Heroes event to return with a focus on the volunteers at our local food bank.

Thank you to all who share their gifts as we seek to be God’s presence in our various communities!