Building a Future

Welcome to 2018

Once again Trinity and St. Paul’s have held their annual vestry meetings and begun to explore our hopes and dreams for the coming year.

At Trinity – there is lots to celebrate as we move into 2018.  The new roof will be paid in full this spring thanks in large part to the generosity of the congregation and the hard work of our holy rollers.  Pies will continue to be a part of the work of our church with one significant change: wanting to experience the fellowship that was so much a part of our Smorgasborg dinner, this event will return in the spring and pies will be done in the fall and for Christmas.

Over the course of 2017 the community embraced the challenge of creating fidget blankets.  Members spoke with nursing homes across the region, listened for their needs and provided over 450 fidget blankets, fidget place mats (for the John McGivney Centre), and some creative adult dining scarfs some of which made use of a large number of men’s ties that were donated to the group.  This project has inspired the community to continue to look outward to identify needs and opportunities to serve.  We look forward to new expressions of ministry in 2018.

At St. Paul’s – the resilience of this community persists.  In 2017 we took a long hard look at who we are and who we feel called to be.  As a result, we began conversations with Essex United Church to explore ways in which we may be able to work together.  Out of these conversations came a radical idea: what would it look like for the two congregations to partner together to provide a Youth and Family Ministry program that would engage through social media and invite families to gather, making a meal together, sharing fellowship and providing programming for youth and parents in an effort to create community and provide support for the challenges faced in this time.  To achieve this goal: St. Paul’s has received a Huron Development Grant that will supplement Rev. Chris’s stipend for the next two years to release a portion of her time to provide leadership for this program.  Essex United has also received a grant to hire a Youth Minister to work on their end.  Look for more information on this radical program as the year evolves.

Thanks to the generosity of the congregation, the continued fundraising efforts and the grant for the new program, this year St. Paul’s has presented a balanced budget.  We continue to look for ways to serve the community and beyond.  St. Paul’s remains outward focused and resilient.  We look forward to the ways we will share ministry with Essex United and Trinity in the coming year.

Thank you to all who share their gifts as we seek to be God’s presence in our various communities!