The Book of Alternative Services (commonly known as the BAS or  “green” book) was published in 1985 as part of a move to provide alternative services and give more emphasis to permissive forms and less to mandatory forms of public worship.  The goal being to provide a common book that offers flexibility and variety.

This text is now predominantly used in public worship throughout Canada and incorporates contemporary and more inclusive language familiar to participants in its worship forms, using the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible for the Psalms and other Biblical references.

Note: the National Church continues to explore ways to ensure that worship is accessible and meaningful to participants. It now offers alternative propers (collect of the day, prayer over the gifts and prayer after Communion) and an updated and inclusive version of the Psalms.  Where appropriate, these are included in our main services using the bulletin and/or through Powerpoint projection.

Other resources may also be used at these services based on the theme or focus for the service. At times, this includes resources from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) with whom the Anglican Church of Canada is in full partnership.